Of Beauty and Bridges

I took a recent business trip to Connecticut, a state I had never visited.  I flew into Hartford and drove an hour or so to the charming little hamlet of Cornwall in the northwest part of the state.  I stayed overnight in a garage apartment of the across-the-street neighbor of the person I was there to see.  This was late September and a chill was starting to settle in the air, though the leaves showed not much sign of color yet.  I had just enough free time while I was there to spend a few hours driving around the countryside and was delighted by the abundance of forests and hills in which the small towns in that portion of the state are nestled.

Covered Bridge in West Cornwall
Covered Bridge in West Cornwall

Again, I found myself wandering around in places where it is nearly impossible to take a bad photograph.  I somewhat regret that wall calendars are no longer very useful in this age where today’s date is so easily ascertained with a mobile device regardless of one’s whereabouts.  The vistas afforded me on this trip could fill up the top half of wall calendars for decades to come.  This covered bridge, which I crossed a few times, is a perfect example, along with the river that flows to and under it.  The bridge was built in 1841 in Litchfield County, in the Berkshires region of Connecticut, to cross the Housatonic River.  With the last remaining fog of morning rising from the water and through the trees, the image below looks more like a painting than a photograph.

Housatonic River in West Cornwall, CT
Housatonic River in West Cornwall, CT

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